Support a Mom, a friend, someone you know!

I admit, I can maybe sew the bottom of a curtain or a napkin but thats how far my talent goes when it comes to sewing.

 Foluke, is the top of the top when it comes to designing and sewing. I have seen her work numerous times on  brides, on ladies ready for a night out and of course on herself. 

I found this quite fitting, so here I am reposting:

"So this got me thinking...💗
•Kylie Jenner releases a lip gloss, and people buy it.
•Michael Jordan puts out a new shoe, people buy it.
•Apple releases a new phone and people stand in line for it - at daybreak.
•Oprah promotes a weight loss program, everyone jumps on board.

A friend starts a new business, people are wary of buying and supporting them
Why are we so quick to support someone we don't know, who has plenty of money already. Yet we come up with a million reasons not to support someone we know and love and trust

When you support small businesses, you are helping that person: to pay thier mortgage, rent, buy food, have a phone & internet connection, pay thier bills and for them to have joy and happiness and well being as they so deserve to have, just like everybody else 💗

It takes a lot of effort for someone to strike up the COURAGE to leave behind the safety of a job and start their own business and then talk to people about it and to make it a success, not to mention the long hours and dedication & hustle from thier heart and soul 💗

So next time you see a friend posting about their business, either online or traditional, don't keep scrolling past, give them a quick like or a positive comment and share, you don't even have to buy the product! It really does help them to feel supported and encouraged and to keep going!"

Of course, feel free to contact her in case you need something gorgeous made! I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.