If I would need to describe myself in three words it would be: I.AM.A.REBEL....yep! right there, a rebel. I do not like to follow main stream, I do not do things because everyone else is doing it. And I definitely run my business differently, but that's another blog post.  

I have learned to fly and use my wings quite early on. Growing up as the youngest of nine  (6 brothers and 2 sisters) helped me to stand firm in my beliefs.  You see,  if you wanted to reach something, you sure had to make an effort.  My brothers always encouraged me to partake in everything they did. Being a girl was definitely no excuse for not being able to learn how to change the break pads on a 1978 Mercury Zephyr or changing the oil for that matter. I learned quite early on to do whatever I put my mind to. Period.

With this, I developed a very strong sense of belief. And there is not much persuasion you can do to make me waver. For instance, Sundays. No matter what your thought, opinion, or position is, Sunday for me is sacred. I go to church, hang out with friends and family. I read, look through my Pinterest, stare out the window, go for a hike with my boys, sip my beloved espresso and bake a cake or two (or maybe even three). I have my computer off and do not respond emails. I keep this day in order to rest. I rest in my faith. I rest in my family. And I rest in the beauty all around.

I do not think I need to emphasise the fact that this world is spinning way too fast. There are numerous studies showing the harm we obtain from all this multitasking. With the time, I learned that I need to stop and breath.  We all need this time to evaluate, look back, hope, plan, look forward and just simply shut off. Rest. Breath. 

So in case you ever wondered why I do not respond on Sundays, that is why.