Amazing things can happen when you are passionate about what you do. When you don't wish for a day off, when you realise that every day is a blessing and everything in that day is about  life and beauty. You slow down, you breath and you notice small details that pass today but bring tears tomorrow. Tears of joy! 

That's where I am.


And now to the not so important details about me: 

I received my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts
with a  concentration on Documentary Photography in 1992…
…and since then I have been on an incredible journey:

photographed deserted towns in Transylvania,
student revolution in Belgrade,
documented the rebuilding of a historical church in Leipzig

My span of documentation goes from photographing
the birth of a child and their first breath
to influential entrepreneurs of the world.

I love people and capturing moments.


Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy Behind the Scenes with Bogi Photography


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