Continuing with the Class of 2018

I just love their smiles and life flowing in their blood.


Class of 2018, Wiesbaden

I have to admit, I like teenagers more and more. Maybe its because my kids are getting to that stage in life and I have no choice. Sometimes I feel like grabbing them by the shoulders and try to tell them everything I know under two minutes. EVERYTHING about pain, sadness, joy, defeat, pride, how to move on, how to handle conflicts and how to be humble. This beautiful senior didn't have it easy since they just moved to Germany. I know, I have been there, this is my fourth country and it wasn't always easy. But dear, I've got one thing to say: you re going to be much richer because you have gone through this. You are going to be more experienced, more open, more flexible and easy to get along with, just to name a few.

So here to celebrate another beautiful jewel ready to conquer the world! You go and show  it to them all!


p.s. we had the German version of hurricane Irma....not really...but it was crazy windy out there :)