A little Germany

One of my favourite families I have been photographing for years! Love their energy, true love for each other and the way they interact. And the kids, let me tell you, I got some out of focus images since they kept cracking me up! Character alert! Oh my gosh are they funny!!! Love you guys!


New Arrival

Being blessed with a child is by far one of the most precious gifts one can receive in a lifetime. The first weeks are so amazing, their little feet and hands, their smell, how they snuggle and breath. Every movement and every sound is precious beyond compare. 


A special visit

We all know, home is where our loved ones are. Well, sometimes and sometimes we have to live far away from them. In this case, they really are at two different ends of the world but are able to get together once a year for an extended time. This time, Annie's Mom and brother came from over from India.

During our session I found out that Mom is a botanist, has about three masters and is currently a professor. I love getting to know people.


Fellow photographer

It was such an honour to meet a fellow photographer from Frankfurt but at the same time it also created a little nervousness in me, obviously....I just didn't want to mess up.

We met at this amazing area which I didn't even know existed. It reminded me of the north sea with its pine trees and sandy beaches. It was simply a gorgeous setting and the family went along so incredible well. Poor little guy was fighting a cold but he sure was a champ! Here are some of the results from our session. 


Foggy, foggy German morning

As I drove to our location I was starting to scratch my head thinking, my oh my...this is really foggy up here. But as soon as Mom and Dad stepped out of the car and confirmed that this was ok, I said, yeah. lets rock this fog !

I "only" have three boys but I guess with four its even more fun LOL, so with that said we pretty much stayed moving around from one spot to another, to keep those busy feet going. They were great troopers....and MOM, as they say in German "Hut ab!" all my respect for you. 


Stored up sun rays and some crazy clouds

If you know me then you also know how  I am not a big fan of adding in fake skies with Photoshop. Its ok if others do it, but I just like to document what I see. So it is no wonder that when the sky is brewing some water and  thunder and who knows what else then I am ready to get out there! Oh do I love dramatic skies!!! And here we are, running around and enjoying the little bit of sun rays that were stored up in the flowers. Nothing represents summer for me more than sunflowers and DRAMATIC skies! 


Santa is coming to town and he is already reading that list!

I am so excited to announce that Santa is coming for a visit where you and your little ones will be able to have a wonderful time with him. Of course all that with cookies and milk!


This is how it works:

  • reserve a 20 minute time frame for Nov. 18thbetween 9:00am-12:00 pm
  • receive 6 digital high resolution images and a Facebook Cover Photo
  • pay only 125€
  • don't worry about the cookies, I got that covered...even gluten free ones

For time slot reservations please write me under my contact page with subject: Santa

Sessions will be held by Bogi Photography Studios in Taunusstein, approx. 15 minutes from Hainerberg.