Little trooper at 7:30 am

I always ask Moms if they are early risers because I remember when mine were this age, they were all awake and ready to go at 5:36 am every morning. I am not kidding, I used to call my middle child the "5:36 kid". So when this Mom said, "sure, early is good for us" and that at 7:30 am,  I certainly clapped a bunch knowing that we will have the most gorgeous morning golden sun rays.

And yep, there it is. Ok but besides the golden rays, I had the chance to photograph this sweet little  ray of sunshine. I just love working with kids. Especially when she takes my hand and starts walking with me, like I had nothing better to do than walking  with her. I cracked up. Dad even said that maybe he'll take the photos while I walk with munchkin :)